Film project

30 rolls of film in 60 days

During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Portland, Oregon, I dedicated myself to shooting a roll of film nearly every day for 60 days—From March 1st to May 1st.

The process, using a Canon P rangefinder that I had repaired and fixed by hand, allowed me to fine-tune my composition process, and quickly understand my own style for photography.

I sometimes used other cameras, but the Canon P was the one I reached for the most.

I learned that I love a sense of balance in a photograph, and that oftentimes the most important subject is the connection between light and shadow.

I processed the film at home, in my bathroom, and scanned the images using a macro lens. Each roll of film took several hours to completely finish.

But, by the end, I had learned a lot about my camera, and how to use it quickly–it became second nature to focus, and often times I didn’t take more than a moment to compose. I learned to frame with my mind quickly, and then use the camera as an extension of my vision.